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Dec 5, 2012 8:00pm EST
us something about the obama white house that we don't know. >> oh. what does obama think of mitt romney? you know, what does he really think, and i think he feels that romney is incompetent because he didn't run a better campaign. i suspect a theme in the coverage of the campaign is going to be that romney never found a way, the message or the theme of how to run against obama where he thought it would be easy. >> what is the one thing you want to know about president obama that you don't? >> i did ask this, i didn't put it in the book, but he keeps a diary. i'd like to have access. [laughter] >> assume that -- >> and he said, do you keep a diary? yes, oh, not on all the detail kind of, and i, you know, come on, let's see it. so i'm sure there will be an interesting memoir. >> what did he tell you about the diary? >> that it existed. no detail. he didn't offer any of it or read from it or anything like that. is it dictated? is it written? who, you know, reagan kept his diary secret. george w -- and now they published all of reagan's diary ies. i mean, who would have thought? cert
Dec 11, 2012 8:00pm EST
has a governmentwide policy. now, we all know that the house side push this legislation to get past, it was authored by senator barack obama, the government act of 2006, says that we should withhold action suit destabilize the drc. i am wondering if you can tell us, do the actions of rwanda marriage the withdrawal of funding given the corroboration of evidence as you have pointed out to withholding aid to rwanda in exchange? >> first of all, i reject the headline that the administration has failed to speak out against the m23. >> that is not what they said. >> they talk about a failed policy and not speaking out against foreign trade. >> okay. i think that what we see and do is a part of the policy efforts. and i reject that judgment. i must reject a pretty soundly. first and foremost, we have been engaged on this issue since the mvemba dizolele rebellion began in april of this year. since april, yesterday, we have at all levels of the u.s. government, we have been working for the greater peace and stability into the current fighting and current withdrawal of m23 from goma, and disc
Dec 10, 2012 8:30pm EST
that immigration was a very important issue, and somehow we needed to neutralize it, so we talked about obama's failed promise on immigration, promised immigration, didn't deliver with a democratic house and senate, and we brought up another issue, which was deportations, it was not talked about at all in the campaign, where the president was attacking mitt romney for saying that the arrest law was a model for the nation. he didn't exactly say that, but regardless, the romney campaign did not explain the governor's position very well, but attacking arizona in the first term, president implemented an enforcement policy that's much more punitive than the arizona law, reporting more than any other president in history. we ran ads in spanish language about this. we toppedded it off talking about social issues, the president's position on life, marriage, saying the president is too radical for latinos understanding there's a big chunk of the latino electorat that is socially conservative and votes exclusively for those issues. finally, there was a strong get out the vote act for persuasive calls.
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3